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We’re in quite a pickle, here in the good ole U. S. of A. Our body politic, once a fresh firm cucumber, has been swimming in the green vinegar of unlimited bribery until well past sour. We’re dissolving in this … Continue reading

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Two poetic friends of mine, Kelly Lenox and Pamela Taylor, started a project to “transform the language issuing from the White House in the hopes that it will encourage and inspire other transformative actions” with erasure poetry. Erasure poetry is … Continue reading

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World Without Consequences

“Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.” ~ Barry Switzer They had every advantage and took them all. Every birthday car, provided. Every speeding ticket, fixed. Every drunken accident, forgotten. They … Continue reading

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Everybody Knows

Everybody knows icebergs hide in dark money and our once great ship has gone far off course. The North Star should be well astern instead of dead ahead. It’s obvious even in steerage. We can feel the cold wind of … Continue reading

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Working the Polls

Let’s install a pole in the capitol so our congressmen can better entertain on Sunday morning television. Like strippers in a dank club, they tease and tantalize their base. For just a few dollars more and a few more votes, … Continue reading

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Election Day

One week from today is Election Day for all my readers in the United States. Those of you sharing North Carolina with me can already vote and I wouldn’t be surprised if many already have. If you haven’t voted yet, … Continue reading

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